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We pride ourselves on our installations.  From writing an initial quote or specification to working with the client to fine tune the paperwork so the installation can commence with our skilled engineers. 

Having worked with some of the most prestigious private schools and Multi Academy Trusts in the local area a lot of our work is based on word of mouth and repeat business. 

There is no off the shelf project, each space is unique.  In our experience the person / people who use the space the most i.e. a Drama Teacher can be the last person involved in the quotation period, that is the person we welcome the input of.  They, more than anyone else know how they use the space, what they want from the space and how they direct in the space.  With guidance we will assist in reaching their reality. 

Being brought into a project at the design stage we have the expertise to advise what items should be included and where they need to be positioned in the space.  Face to face conversations early in the development of a scheme can create the reduction in containment, wiring and additional power thus reducing wastage on site or additional products that if discussed early enough would not be required.  We all need to be aware of or environment and our business is no different. 

We combine AV, sound, lighting, technical communications, safety lighting and drapes to give an outstanding performance space.  

Email or telephone us to discuss future projects, it is never too early to receive a specification or quotation so you can discuss your vision for the future.  

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