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PAT Testing

In the main most theatre equipment is portable and requires an annual PAT test, it is an essential part of a venues Health and Safety policy. 

We provide this service, items receive a visual inspection, cleaning and a PAT test.  We undertake work on behalf of company's like Dodds, Multi Academy Trusts and individual venues. We even offer a rolling contract so you will be advised when your next test is due. 

We carry in the van the popular spare lamps and safety bonds if requested we will replace them whilst on site; reducing the need for a return visit, these items are charged in addition to your PAT Test.  If there is equipment you would like fixing the engineers can bring it away for assessment or arrange a site visit.  

Following the testing we issue a certificate for your files, advise on the condition of the lighting / sound equipment.  You can also ask for a Rig Report where we check the fixings on the lighting rig itself and ensure it is fit for purpose.  

For more information on PAT testing please click the link below. 

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