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Central Theatre Supplies offers servicing on the majority of lighting, sound and AV equipment, as the years move forward more analogue consoles and mixing desks are coming to the end of life, being superseded by digital models. 


Where possible, we also service and repair theatre grade curtain tracks.  From straightening out kinks, to re-threading hand winders and replacing cord or wire rope. 

We will discuss items you would like repairing. If we can, we will help you, this helps to reduce waste and keeps the equipment in service, we will also advise you on whether it is time to consider moving to something new.  

Some suppliers are no longer in the industry however we still come across their products (it goes to show how dimmers and speakers were built to last) schools especially take pride in their equipment “it was put in when the school was built 40 years ago!”.  Sadly, the item will have probably need replacing rather than servicing but rest assured we will walk you through every step. 

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