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Track and Drapes  

There is nothing more exciting than sitting in an auditorium waiting for the Proscenium Arch Drapes to open and the show to begin!

Whether the drapes are on a hand winder, pulley cord or motor we can install them.


Our tracks are made from extruded aluminium and are built to last, with wheeled runners and pulleys we have the ability to install them where they are needed. 

We work with some great company’s that help us create the magic of theatre, the installation of tracks and drapes shape the performance area, whether it is a drama studio to a theatre.  

On-stage masking drapes help the performers get on and off stage, cycloramas at the rear of the stage help with the projection of colour and gobo’s; they also create a convenient “rat run” for performers to travel from stage left to stage right.


 In a drama studio we can provide a perimeter track with 90° curves, so the performers have the security of a working space, it also helps if the studio has light coloured walls you can create better lighting effects within a contained area.

There is no need to worry about windows either, we offer a material called Dim Out that reduces the light by over 95%.  

Our fabric suppliers can provide everything from scenic canvas for flats, felt for acoustics, wool serge and velvet/velour and much, much more.  Although most masking is black there are other colours to choose from.  

All spaces require a site visit to discuss your requirements.  Within a 60 mile radius of the office site visits are free charge.  

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